I am in need of the mental stimulation.

I heard a radio report yesterday, which suggested that several large media organstations are contemplating printing week end newspapers only, with weekday papers to be published on line exclusively. For someone like me who enjoys getting up early and reading it from cover to cover, coffee in hand it came as quite a disappointment. Since I was a child  it has been a morning ritual, instigated by my father.Even when I was in my first years at school, he was insistent that each morning before I left the house I read the paper it its entirety. His rationale was that it would provide me with topics  to use in conversation, with whomever I may come into contact with during the day.I will always be grateful for that because he was right. I used to encourage my daughter, Prue to do the same thing.I was obviously beneficial- we are both prolific conversationalists LOL I read the daily papers, local papers and even the interstate papers when I can and the only thing that I find can be annoying is the amount of space required to read the broadsheets, especially when commuting.Reading  newspapers on line may be convenient but it will never compare with the tactility of a newspaper.

After  much consideration, I have decided to return to study again, later this year. Besides gaining a few extra qualifications, I am in need of the mental stimulation. It is an advanced area of counselling , which will fit well with what I am doing now. I am looking forward to it and the social networking  that  comes with studying. 🙂


4 thoughts on “I am in need of the mental stimulation.

  1. I’m so with you. One of our local papers folded a few weeks ago (a tabloid, so easy to read!) and I’m still mourning it. A group of the fired reporters has started an online-only paper, which I am also reading via Google reader (thank god for feeds). I like the feel of newsprint, especially on Sunday morning.

  2. Hi Lyn and thank you for commenting,
    Yes, you are correct. It is the feel and smell of the newsprint, together with the ability to read all those sections that are frequently overlooked when reading on line, such as the bereavements, public notices and just for a chuckle those dreadful personal ads LOL. Please visit again.
    Best wishes
    Maureen 🙂

  3. I cut my teeth in a newsroom. I am old school and have ink in my bones. I so mourn the death of newsprint, but the unfortunate reality is that newspapers are losing money faster than they can break even.

    So many people get their news via the Internet and television, and so few actually subscribe. The last time that I talked to someone at the newspaper, all of the copy editors were part time without benefits, only a handful of full-time reporters remained. Most reporters were part-time without benefits.

    Nothing like what I once knew.

  4. Hi Lita,
    Now I know why you are such a fabulous and dedicated exponent of your craft. The bottom line is everything now, which is a sad fact of life.
    Best wishes

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