Melbourne is a wonderful city.

Melbourne is buzzing ! The Formula 1 Grand Prix is in town and the race will be held on Sunday afternoon, followed by a huge open air Who Concert. The new football season commenced last night (unfortunately my team, Richmond lost) and the rest of the round will be held over the week end. There is so much going on right now, including regional food festivals, art exhibitions, restaurants and of course the theatre. Melbourne is a wonderful city.

I hope to make the most of the fabulous weather we are still enjoying and possibly head down to the Peninsula(well away from the chaotic inner city this week end). Winter will soon be here and I  tend to go into hibernation until the weather once again reaches the mid to high 20’s. I detest the cold  and each year it is getting harder to endure. Granted, it is nothing like the temperatures experienced in other parts of the world during winter and we don’t have to shovel snow here but I still find  the cold temperatures almost painful.Age catching up with me I think LOL

Enjoy your week end 🙂


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