I feel I have emerged from the dark hole, where I have been for several months.

Over recent weeks I have been dedicating Saturday’s post to all the positive things that have occurred during the week. A brief list this week.

1. I discovered several new and  interesting sites that I am visiting daily. There are some wonderful writers out there , just waiting to be discovered.

2. Prue called me this morning, for no reason other than to say hello. It was a lovely way to start the day. I love you Prue.

3. I have decided to commence studying again mid -year. Besides gaining an extra qualification, I am looking forward to the networking and socialising that comes with studying.

4.This week, I feel I have emerged from the dark hole, where I have been for several months.There was no particular catalyst  for my self imposed isolation. It was something I needed to do, to get a clearer insight into what it is that I want.I am no good to anyone when I am like that and it has been extremely difficult to get through each day but I have and can now see light , where once  was a  dark abyss.The discipline of writing has helped enormously, as has the love and support of my daughter Prue.

Have a fabulous week end 🙂


5 thoughts on “I feel I have emerged from the dark hole, where I have been for several months.

  1. Maureen,

    I’m so glad that you feel as if your dark days are waning. I completely understand how horrible these times can be.

    I think that going back to school for whatever reason can be a wonderful way to re-energize yourself.

    If I can help in any way, please let me know.



  2. Hi Lita,
    Thanks so much for your kind offer. I will be studying with other post grads so it should be fun.I am happier now and that has to be a good thing:)
    Hugs back to you.
    Sorry Lita, I accidentally deleted your comment about the Who-sorry:(
    I am sure they will put on a good concert tonight, after the race 🙂

  3. I can safely say I feel the same way for different reasons, mostly because I hate the winter and the cold. So now is when I start to come alive, it’s 60 today which is warm now but the nights go down to 35 or 40 still. The Blog I started here in Oct of 2008 also helped me get through this difficult time of hours cut at work, parents getting older fast, and a future fear that dreams of having my own house and doing some travelling in the future may not ever happen. But I too feel myself coming out of it now and starting to wonder about things like pursuing my Bachelors degree, taking art classes in Manhatten. So lets hope we can enjoy the fruits of emerging from the dark times, you know what the painting teachers say, without the dark …you can’t show the light!
    Cheers Maureen

  4. Hi Glen,
    Thanks for your comments. You dislike the winter too?Don’t allow things around you to make you despondent. It’s difficult, I know. That is why I too, am returning to study. Firstly to gain extra qualifications to add to my CV(heaven knows we all need to be one step ahead of the next person these days), meet new people and broaden my social network. Change is good and it takes our minds of all the negative things going on right now.
    Where would you like to travel? I know you have been to Paris and visited all those wonderful museums and galleries, something I would like to also do one day.
    Maureen 🙂

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