I am going to make a coffee and sit outside and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. :)

Because it is such a glorious day, I decided to get outside and weed the front garden. Much to my annoyance and embarrassment, I have allowed the front garden to get out of control and over run by weeds. It is a vastly different area to the back  garden, which is easily maintained as it is exclusively tropical plants.

The roots on some of the weeds were over a metre in length and removing them took plenty of effort. I still have about 3 metres of garden bed to do before it is complete but for today, that will do! I was absolutely filthy, due to the dust flying around and my face looked like a pandas, as I was wearing sunglasses. Hahaha. A hot shower, with plenty of water pressure was bliss and I feel human again.

I have decided to plant the driveway with lilly pilly plants as they are hardy, drought tolerant and grow rapidly into a lovely hedge. Here they are also known as “neighbours be gone” for obvious reasons LOL. I am not adverse to chatting with my neighbours but I hate being ambushed each time I go outside my front door, so the screening hedge will be an aesthetic and practical addition.

Yesterday, I called in to see Prue and she came with me to the chicken and meat wholesale outlet because the freezer was in desperate need of replenishment. I do not eat any meat at all, so with Prue’s assistance we selected various items and D bought a huge slab of rump steak, which has been sliced and packed away in the freezer.I asked Prue what she needed and she selected some chicken Kiev’s and a few other bits and pieces  to take home for her freezer. One of the bonuses of shopping with your mother !!!!!

I am going to  make a coffee and sit outside and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. 🙂


6 thoughts on “I am going to make a coffee and sit outside and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. :)

  1. Maureen,

    Sounds like a very productive day. We were productive as well. After writing my explosive blog about Representative Doogan of Alaska, I went into the dining room and helped Corey to get rid of what was left on the table.

    With any luck, tomorrow we can put on the new tablecloth and have a beautiful, uncluttered dining room table on which we can have meals together–what a remarkable idea!

    But first, Corey needs to put together the rest of the chairs . . .

  2. Hi Lita,
    Thank you, as always for your comments
    Great news! You won’t know yourself. Aren’t we funny, you and me? We get such a big kick out of what most take for granted.
    Good luck with the chairs 🙂

  3. I completely agree. I suppose we are so happy about the strangest things because we have both been through the wringer a few times too many and have learned to appreciate the things that so many other people would take for granted. I mean, who gets excited about dining room chairs? Or tiles? Or painting?

    But you know what? That’s what makes us the extraordinary women that we are!

    Big hugs,


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