Since early this morning I have not stopped.

Since early this morning I have not stopped. First it was phone calls (and those who know me also know I enjoy a good chat), then when I got down to doing my work , the emails began arriving!There were several which required my immediate attention, others are being replied to, when I take a break from work. I did receive a few from old colleagues through LinkedIn which was nice and I have received several from readers to this site.

I was beginning to think that readers were ashamed to sign their names to a comment here but it seems that other bloggers such as also receive plenty of emails from regular readers. Most of the emails I receive are confidential and I am touched that readers feel they can write to me. All mail received is immediately deleted after I read it and personal details will never be published , unless requested. I will endeavour to respond immediately if I can but if I can’t, be assured that a reply is not far away!

Back to work 🙂


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