He is not an accurate representation of Australians.

Just who the hell does the Australian PM think he is? His on going temper tantrums are indicative of an individual out of his depth and emotionally incapable of the responsibilities and behavioural expectations of the Australian population. It’s all well and good to stand in front of a camera, looking for all his worth like the marketing animation “Mr Sheen” trying to feign sincerity, when once he is out of the public glare he has, allegedly, a serious anger problem. How dare he rip into an RAAF steward over his in flight meal. In any other situation this would be seen for what it is- workplace bullying and he would be summoned to explain his actions. Allegedly,he has difficulties keeping staff  due to his tyrannical outbursts and his temper is well known in Canberra public servant circles.

He is not an accurate representation of Australians.His supposed affinity with the electorate, suggesting that “we” are all this current financial crisis together is laughable. I doubt whether many of the average working  folk  feel  they have much in common with him- a multi millionaire. Even his preference to wear RM Williams elastic sided boots( with everything) is no more than a pathetic attempt to endear himself  to (and I loathe this expression) “working families”.  The only thing that suggests is that he is  an unsophisticated yokel.Bullying, no matter where it comes from is unacceptable. We have high expectations of our PM and right now Mr Rudd is an embarrassment and in obvious need of some anger management techniques.


6 thoughts on “He is not an accurate representation of Australians.

  1. I’m not pro or anti K-Rudd, but the press is blowing this all out of proportion.

    How many of us have not lost our tempers? I wouldn’t want to have his job at the moment with all the stress that goes with it.

    The guy screwed up, he’s human.

  2. The world is full of grumpy people. even the nicest people in the world (like me) can unwittingly crack it at an unsuspecting stranger.
    Yes, Mr. Rudd should take a deep breath and get real. But, the airsteward in the story also should take a deep breath and toughen up. Every mean, nasty person I ever worked with taught me a little bit more about self preservation and self confidence and how I should stand up for myself.
    AHH, maybe Mr. Rudd’s intention was merely to help the steward’s personal growth..??

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for your comments. Yes, the person in question does need to toughen up as tears are not an appropriate response and hopefully, she will learn something about herself from the incident and adopt a more assertive and confident demeanor.
    I don’t believe for one moment that Mr Rudd was trying to help her with her personal development. LOL
    Please visit again as your comments are always welcome.
    Best wishes

  4. Maureen,

    Rudd is a bully. He is a politician of the old school: as in I’m in charge; therefore, I am right and everyone else is wrong and had better get in line or else!

    I am completely over those with power who choose to ass-ert themselves by demeaning anyone who is not in a position to stand up for themselves, say someone like a steward who would be severely disciplined for any sort of retort.

    As far as I’m concerned, they (the bullies with power) can all bend over . . .

  5. Hi Lita,
    Thanks for your comments, which are spot on target!
    I fail to see why others cannot see this guy for who he really is….. a fake and a bully.
    Maureen 🙂

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