He was very tired and emotional at the time LOL

This morning has been spent paying all those bills which appear monthly. I know they must be paid, so I should just do it with a smile (yeah right). They are paid now so that’s another job completed from my  “list”. Something I am going to do this week end, is sort through some of the unused items of clothing and household goods, photograph them and list them on EBay. I have never sold anything on there before and Prue has offered to help, as she has bought and sold there many times. I bought my current multi-function printer on EBay  for a bargain price a few years ago and that is the only transaction I have had there.We have so much “stuff” here that we have never and will never use and all it is doing is taking up space, so selling them seems a good idea (and will put a few extra dollars into the coffers too).I am not holding my breath though, waiting for d to be forthcoming with items from the garage. I have a better chance of winning the lottery!

I received a call from Daniel, my brother this morning, which was absolutely wonderful. I love him to bits, I really do. He is doing well and had plenty to talk about ( himself mainly LOL) and had me in stitches with laughter for the entire call. Other than catching up, he called to give me his new mobile number. He has not had a cell phone since the unfortunate incident( he was very tired and emotional at the time LOL) when he fell off a boat , somewhere in the middle of the Gippsland Lakes a few years ago! Although he managed to retrieve the water logged phone it was ruined and since then , he has never bothered to buy another.He is always difficult to contact , due to his erratic work schedule, so it is a relief knowing I can now get hold of him when needed.

Yesterday we had the most spectacular thunderstorm here and plenty of rain too. It lasted for a 2-3 hours and was a full on show of lightning and thunder. Poor Chevy (my cat) was beside himself and disappeared under the desk until all the noise stopped!He has become so clingy lately and will not leave my side. A completely different cat to what he was when he arrived here courtesy of Prue, a few years ago. He is terribly spoilt and like most cats , thinks he is human LOL

It must be the cooler weather but I feel an urge to hit the kitchen and cook up a storm. Maybe some Thom Yum, or something similar, which is hot and spicy.Just talking about it makes me hungry!

Have a great week end 🙂


4 thoughts on “He was very tired and emotional at the time LOL

  1. Hi James,
    My cat is my loyal and almost constant companion, I don’t think he has any notion that he is a cat. LOL
    Thom Yum is a fragrant Thai soup, made from prawns, chilli, lemon grass, ginger, mushrooms. fish sauce, limes and vegetable or fish stock. I have posted a photo for you to see as a post. Find a good recipe and make some. It’s delicious 🙂

  2. The picture of the Thom Yum is making my mouth water. Absolutely yummy (snort, guffaw at bad pun).

    I had a dog who was terrified of thunder storms and fireworks. I used to feel so sorry for her.

  3. Hi Lita,
    Aww I can just imagine how the fireworks scared you dog. They really don’t like it at all, do they?
    The soup was magnificent 🙂

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