I am not going to allow matters that are beyond my control upset me.Life is too short for that!

After what has been a busy week, I am certainly looking forward to the week end. It’s been one of those messy weeks, where things seem to be going well, then something happens, right out of left field, that leaves you shaking your head and wondering  why? I am not going to get into specifics  here but I have decided that I am not going to allow matters that are beyond my control upset me.Life is too short for that!

As mentioned last week, later this afternoon, we are going into Station Pier ( Melbourne), to meet up with Mum and her partner Bill, before they board the ship for their trip to Tasmania. Here is a photo of the ship on which they will be sailing.

Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania

Thankfully, the weather predicted for tonight is good and it should be smooth sailing. The Bass Strait crossing is notoriously rough and Mum has been following the weather with great interest  as she is prone to motion sickness!Although there are facilities for taking your own vehicle on the ship, they have elected to leave the car behind and join an organised tour once they arrive at Devonport( Tasmania), in the morning.I spoke to Mum last night and she said they had packed their winter woolies( they will need them down there) and were ready to leave Paynesville around mid day today to travel to Bairnsdale, where they will board a train for Melbourne, arriving in the city at around 16:30.There is a direct tram line from the city to the Pier which is terrific for them( no expensive taxi fares hahaha).

We will leave here around 17:00 and meet them before they embark to check in and then spend some time with them later, until the ship sails. I doubt whether Prue will be coming as planned. We all seem to have a cold but she has copped a severe dose and I think she is probably wise to remain at home in bed. She should be fit and well again when their holiday concludes , so she can see them then, before they return home to Paynesville.

I am looking forward to getting out into the garden this week end. Some hard physical work out in the fresh air will do wonders for me 🙂


4 thoughts on “I am not going to allow matters that are beyond my control upset me.Life is too short for that!

  1. Maureen,

    When I’m reading your posts, I always have to remind myself that you are going into winter as we are heading into summer.

    I hope that your mum’s travels go well. Sorry that everyone is ill again.

    Drink your tea and take care.

    Hugs, Lita

  2. Hi Lita,
    Thanks for your kind comments. I am sure they will have a lovely time. It was great to see them so excited about their holiday too. They really are a couple of love birds Hahaha.
    Thanks. Everyone seems to have the cold right now.
    Maureen 🙂

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