With my family there is always plenty going on.Big family, big news!

Last night , as mentioned in yesterday’s entry, we travelled into Port Melbourne and met up with my mother and Bill, prior to them sailing to Tasmania. The traffic was horrendous going into town and the journey took much longer than expected but they were waiting for us at the designated spot when we did finally arrive. Both looked well and were looking forward to their two week tour of the Apple Isle. They were also quite chuffed that they had received an upgrade from a standard cabin to a luxury suite!

After they checked in at the terminal we sat and caught up on all the family news. With my family , there is always plenty going on- big family, big news!  Bill took great delight in showing us their itinerary on a large wall map, situated inside the terminal and we suggested a few places where we have visited, that would be of interest to them too.We stayed until their boarding call but as the ship was not due to sail for another 90 minutes we bid them farewell and returned home. The trip home was a joy compared to the nightmarish peak traffic going in to town, which was good. We were home in little more than thirty minutes, then once home , set about making dinner and having a quiet night. I called Prue later in the evening  to check how she was feeling and she was just heading for bed. She and her housemates all have this cold that seems to be going around, so it was a quiet night down there last night too.

Today, I intend to get out into the garden  but as I write, dark clouds are gathering and it is very overcast.Dark clouds normally indicate rain but that is not necessarily the case here in Melbourne! Next week is again going to be very busy , so I want to get as much done as I can this week end to keep it under control.

Have a good week end 🙂


2 thoughts on “With my family there is always plenty going on.Big family, big news!

  1. Maureen,

    How did they manage such a wonderful upgrade? I am beside myself with jealousy. Is Tasmania called the Apple Isle? Why?

    I’m sorry that Prue isn’t feeling well. I seem to be getting my spring cold.

    Corey planted my rose bushes yesterday, so I am very happy about that.

    Also, I did the fuelmyblog thing. Do you only add your blog the one time and then go back and click on icons of people you might want to read?

    Take care.


  2. Hi Lita,
    Sorry to hear you are coming down with a cold too. Corey is wonderful to plant your roses, you lucky woman.
    Tasmania is called the Apple Isle because they grow plenty of apples there and make cider etc. Mum and Bill had no idea they were getting an upgrade until they checked in. They were happy to have a standard cabin, as it is only an overnight trip but when they got the upgrade they were ecstatic ( it comes with room service, so breakfast in bed !).
    Yes, as far as i can work out, you add your site once to Fuelmyblog then just click the icons as you mentioned.
    Take care

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