I want to have lunch with a friend then spend the afternoon catching up!

Yesterday, I had all these plans to get out into the garden and indulge in some hard physical labour but as the day wore  on I realised my two week battle , fighting off a cold was lost. Everyone I know is, or has been ill and I was feeling quite smug that I had managed to avoid it. Well, I am not too smug now. I am feverish, cold,  and  every centimetre of my body is aching. My head feels like a football and I look like death warmed up but I am certain that I will be 100% in a day or two and there is no point hoping for any sympathy or molly coddling here because it just won’t happen. Not even the offer of a cup of tea! Oh well.:(

I hope to be well again by mid week as I want to have lunch with a friend  then spend the afternoon catching up, which I have been looking forward to, very much!


8 thoughts on “I want to have lunch with a friend then spend the afternoon catching up!

  1. I see our lives have taken a similar turn, after my week off I came back to work to find it a germ incubater. So now after burning the candle at both ends for two weeks I too am sick with a siunus infection. I also did my left foot a mischief and am icing it, so my birthday tomorrow is shaping up to be a somber event. Oh well birthdays are for kids anyway.
    Peace Glen

  2. Oh Maureen,

    If I were nearby, I’d make you a cuppa, honest.

    Sorry you aren’t feeling well. Both Brett and Eamonn aren’t feeling well, and I’m feeling particularly weak today. Do you think the germ spread is international?

  3. Hi Lita,
    Great Photo!I know you would and i would do the same for you too. I hope you, Brett and Eamonn are all feeling better soon.
    Maureen 🙂

  4. Maureen,

    Now if I could only go about with only half my face showing whilst wisps of my hair drift sensuously down by my ear . . .

    Yeah, right.

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