I best go and investigate what’s in the fridge because I am famished. :)

I have just arrived home from Prue’s house. Bea Arthur needed to have what remained of her sutures removed( she had removed all bar two herself) and have her post operative check at the vet. He seemed pleased with her recovery and so was Prue. The most difficult part of the visit, was getting out the surgery without buying anything. The vet was attempting to squeeze every last dollar from Prue,hard-selling all those enormously expensive cat foods and supplements. Prue fibbed her way through it, telling the vet she has a large bag of the pelletised gold at home and I went a step further by pointing out the food she supposedly uses!This guy didn’t want to take no for an answer but we managed to escape without Prue parting with her hard earned. LOL Prue looks after her cats like children but she certainly wasn’t going to spend $30.00 for a 1 kg bag of cat biscuits!

It has been raining here all day and the roads were terrible. It did not help that it was also peak hour and everyone was finishing up for the week end.Why is it that it that when it rains, people drive faster and tail gate? I noticed today that I will need to replace my tyres in the neat future too. An expensive exercise but essential just the same.

It’s almost dinner time and I haven’t even thought about what to prepare, so I best go and investigate what’s in the fridge because I am famished. 🙂


4 thoughts on “I best go and investigate what’s in the fridge because I am famished. :)

  1. Oh, I hate that when the vet turns into a high-pressure salesperson. Please. I can barely afford the visits, let alone expensive food and treats.

    As anyone who knows me knows, my dogs are doing just fine without the most expensive dog food.

    Sorry the weather there is terrible. It’s rapidly getting warmer here. Tomorrow I plan to spend some time in the sun. Today, I just wanted to catch up since I wasn’t online yesterday or the evening before.

    Take care.


  2. Hi Lita,
    Yes, he was full on high pressure salesman. Given that the procedure itself cost a small fortune he still wanted to extract every last cent from Prue. Prue was being very pleasant and listening to his pitch and I was ready to tell him to bugger off LOL
    I hope you enjoy your week end . Relax and enjoy the sun.
    Maureen 🙂

  3. I too am a cat lover but after the last group of kids went one by one to their final rest I vowed never to have one or more again because of the expense but also because of the strong bond I formed that nearly killed me to lose them all, especailly the last who was the favorite of all including the other cats. I went to Prue’s page and saw her and Bea Arthur and the victorian collar, quite a cute bunch but my favorite pic is a closeup of a sleeping kitty on what might be Prue’s chest, out like a light with an expression of peaceful happiness on his face that I’m sure would be a moneymaker to the right pet food company or such as that! Your right about the vets too, they have become like car salesman and the tactics are becoming low to say the least, imagine trying to talk me into buying a custom health plan(in house mind you) to take care of a dying animal that has maybe a year left(if that) and at 17 I should pay out of pocket for an asst of services that you would do for a kitten but not a terminal patient. Such is life I guess but doesn’t dampen the joy of cats and the comfort they give you, they always knew when I was sick or sad and they come to you and stick their face in your mush and say cheer up I’m here to take care of you and that’s what cat haters never see or experience. Hey this could be a post…sorry.

  4. Hi Glen,
    Thanks for your comments and lovely to know you are a moggie lover too! I understand what you mean about not wanting to have another cat. We too, vowed exactly the same thing when our much loved Siamese, Si, suffered renal failure and died. It was so traumatic. A few years ago, we inherited Chevy from Prue because she was unable to have pets in her flat at the time. Now, I cannot imagine not having him and he is my little mate, following everywhere and always ready to snuggle on cold nights.
    Best wishes
    Maureen 🙂

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