Memories of good times, for those who can remember! :)

It is still very cold and wet here in Melbourne and last night the gusts of wind were bending the trees in half. I could not help thinking about Mum and Bill, as they would have been sailing back from Tasmania last night and Bass Strait is a treacherous crossing at anytime, let alone in storm conditions! Hopefully, the trip would have been cancelled if the conditions were too dangerous but if it wasn’t, one can only imagine what a night it must have been. The ship was due in at 07:00 and I have not heard from them- I won’t either, as the land line has been out of order since early this morning and they do not have a mobile for me to call them. Prue and I had chatted about going in to meet the ship this morning but the weather and the fact  that I have been unwell for the last week, deterred us from going. If they did arrive this morning, they had business to attend to in the city, then they were booked to catch a train back to the country at 12.00. I will email them this evening at let them know abut the house phone, just in case they have been trying to get me this morning.Thank goodness I have a cable Internet connection LOL

The rest of this morning I have been busy with emails, paying bills and catching up on a few things that needed to be done around the house (while having an on line chat with a friend). I am a multi -tasker Haha.

Thank you Richard for the Joe Cocker -Woodstock link. Memories of good times, for those who can remember! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Memories of good times, for those who can remember! :)

  1. I love Joe Cocker. His live singing never got any clearer as he got older, but who cares. No one else has those incredibly twisted body movements when they sing. It always made it a worth watching moment.

    Hope your mum and Bill didn’t have to cross during the storm. We crossed the English Channel in a storm when I was little, and my dad, a life-long seaman, got seasick. That’s how bad it was.

  2. Hi Lita,
    Thanks for your comments. No, they had a smooth crossing thank goodness. I have heard that the English Channel can be terrible.
    Joe Cocker is a classic and always a joy to listen to and watch.You know he was deported from here in the early 70’s for possessing some weed? How times change!
    Maureen 🙂

  3. I did not know that he was deported for weed. How hysterical. Remember the big to-do when they found some weed on Paul McCartney at the airport. Can’t remember where, but I think that it was the UK.

    Yep. The times they are a changin’


  4. Hi Lita,
    Yes, I remember all the fuss about Paul McCartney. I think it was Tokyo.I often look at Keith Richard and think that he must have the constitution of a cockroach. Don’t they say that cockroaches will be the only survivors of a major nuclear explosion? Haha
    Maureen 🙂

  5. Keith Richards will survive us all. I remember that he kidded about smoking his father’s ashes, and then there was this big to do because everyone took him seriously.

    But other than that, I doubt that there is a drug known to man that he hasn’t done, and he can still play like a mad man.

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