I will be away tomorrow and plans for the rest of the week are uncertain.

I received some good news this morning from Prue, concerning their hunt for a new housemate(one of their current housemates is moving out in 3 weeks). Today, a woman ( from the U.S) called around to view the room(a large room with substantial built in storage and an en suite)but it appears it was out of her price bracket but she asked if she could rent their study instead. It is large enough to accommodate a single bed and has a built in wardrobe. The woman does not have any furniture, so Prue called to ask if they can use a spare single bed we are not using here. This still leaves the large master room available, so once it is rented out the situation will be financially beneficial for all concerned. Fortunately, it is a large house, close to transport and services and with the current housing crisis, is a most desirable property. I hope they find another housemate soon but this is a good start.If anyone is looking for accommodation inΒ  S/E suburbs of Melbourne, close to the beach, transport and freeways, please contact me here.

We were meant to go down there today as they had asked D to come and mount their clothes dryer on the wall but he woke up feeling below par and decided to have a quiet day at home( he cannot afford to take any time off work, given the current employment situation), which was sensible.Although spending the day with Prue would have been good, I am content to stay home today too, rest up and get a few things done because I will be away tomorrow and plans for the rest of the week are uncertain right now.I can also catch up with emails waiting for replies(apologies for my tardiness) and sort out some files on my PC.:)


6 thoughts on “I will be away tomorrow and plans for the rest of the week are uncertain.

  1. I plan to download all my files early this week and let Corey reinstall everything.

    I didn’t post for two days because my computer is totally losing it: locking up, blue screens. It is far too new to be doing this. So I’m biting the bullet and starting over.

    Saving everything is going to take some time.

  2. Hi Lita,
    What a nuisance for you.Is it still under warranty? Back up, back up, back up before you do anything. Good luck with it πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Jaded Lee,
    As always it is lovely to hear from you. Thanks I will and you take care too πŸ™‚

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