Those involved are nothing more than animals.

It’s good to have a few spare minutes today to update here.

In preparation for the trip to Morwell, which we are taking on Sunday, I have booked my car in for a wheel alignment and a set of new tyres tomorrow. Ooooch! I needed new tyres anyway and always get a wheel alignment done , so this trip has only brought the process forward a week or two. I am looking forward to the trip as it has been a few years since I have been down there to visit. My aunt’s condition remains the same and she has been transferred to the local private hospital(at her request) because it will be closer for her daughter to visit and it is a more pleasant environment than the large regional public hospital. She may be gravely ill but she certainly knows what she wants!

As I have mentioned many times here, I come from a large family;immediate and extended and I expect that many of the relatives will also be there on Sunday. I think the last time I saw them all was my father’s funeral, so it could be interesting. They are a complex lot. Some talk, others haven’t spoken in years  and watching the dynamics between them will be in itself, worth the trip!

The Federal budget was delivered this week and I can’t say that I was surprised that those most in need were completely ignored. The most disenfranchised individuals in our community are struggling to stay off the streets( they are the fortunate ones) and have been reduced to sharing accommodation with complete strangers, sleeping on floors in every available room in rented houses or flats, to share the expenses and rent. Meanwhile, middle class welfare  handouts continue to those who least need them.

In regard the the current NRL sex scandal. All I can say here about it, is that it is sickening. Consenusal or not,it is an example of the pack mentality that still exisits with some males. Those involved are nothing more than animals, who have brought disgrace to their families, themselves, their clubs and other  males, who are decent and respectful of women.Unfortunately, this incident is not isolated and an indication of how women are still regarded by certain sections of the community 😦


2 thoughts on “Those involved are nothing more than animals.

  1. Maureen,

    I hope the family visit goes (went) well. Best of luck on all things on that front.

    I don’t know about the latest scandal. Would you enlighten me?

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