Last week was emotionally draining.

Yesterday, it was lovely just to take it easy. I even slept on and off until 10:30, very unusual for me! Last week was emotionally draining and I was exhausted by Friday night, so the quiet day was terrific.Late yesterday afternoon, we went down to Prue’s house to drop off the lawn mower and while we were there, D fixed a faulty lock on their garage and also checked out their clothes dryer which has been causing them some problems.Having a father who is handy is a bonus for Prue and her housemates! We didn’t stay long, as I wanted to catch a couple of the computer stores before they closed at 17:00 to buy a cartridge for my printer. Unfortunately, both stores close early on Saturday, go figure. You would think that they would remain open on the weekends but apparently not. Searching for a shop that has the cartridge I require has been troublesome. Seems that HP printers are not as popular as Canon etc. and companies are keeping very few cartridges in their inventory.Today, I have to complete several assessments for a large Federal government agency and they will have to be printed( hence my urgent mission to find the cartridge).

Prue is yet to receive the report from her Dr for the tests undertaken last Thursday. Seems that only HER Dr can issue the results and he will not be at the practice until tomorrow. She was told by the radiology centre that she will probably be sent for further investigations in addition to the gastroscopy she is scheduled for this coming week.Prue is both relieved and frightened( as she does not react well to a GA) at the possibility of surgery but if it means correcting the problem she is more than happy to get on with it and get back to living a normal life.

My aunt’s condition is unchanged  and she is still being inundated with family and friends, wanting to pay their respects and visit for what will probably be  the final time. We will not be going down again. We said our goodbyes and I truly believe that so many visitors  are not helping her condition.I think this is the time she needs her immediate family close by, not a never ending parade of extended family.

I will never complete these assessments if I do not make a start now, so I best get myself into gear and get on with it 🙂


4 thoughts on “Last week was emotionally draining.

  1. Maureen:

    My thoughts are with you and your family. My best to Prue.


  2. Maureen,

    I was thinking about you aunt, and I had reached the same conclusion. Even though it is nice that everyone wants to see her, it must be terribly draining for her.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good results for Prue.

    I know that you don’t have time now, but have you tried ordering ink cartridges on line. On e-bay, you can usually find them with shipping included. I know because my old printer is a Lexmark, which is very hard to find cartridges for, but I love my printer and don’t want to get rid of it yet, nor are we in a position to replace it. Just thought I’d mention the online possibility.

    Take care. Big hugs,


  3. Hi Lita,
    Thank you so much for your well wishes and the advice about purchasing the cartridges on line.
    Yes, I think my aunt needs to be as calm and peaceful as she can possibly be right now.
    Glad that everything went well for the graduation too. He is growing up Lita 🙂

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