Life is a mixed bag right now!

Last night I received a disturbing call from my brother Daniel. Earlier in the evening, he had called Mum, as he does several times a week and Bill answered the phone. Normally Bill will stay on the line for a short time, then hand the phone over to Mum but last night he remained on the phone for several minutes, chatting with Daniel, making small talk and Daniel, suspecting something was amiss, asked to speak with Mum. It was then Bill revealed that Mum was in hospital. It appears the night before, she was experiencing severe chest pain and Bill took her to the local hospital in Bairnsdale. Bill apologised to Daniel for not informing him and the rest of us but said it was at my Mum’s request, because she knew everyone would drop everything and head down to see her. Bill asked that Daniel keep the information to himself, as Mum is going to be discharged today( the chest pains were not heart related, thank goodness) but of course the moment he had the opportunity he called me and let me know what was going on.He asked that I not contact Bill or Mum, which I agreed to do.I will wait until they contact me or a day or two until I make my regular call to them.ย  Mum has just turned 70 and keeps relatively good health, so Daniel’s news did come as quite a shock. I know my mother has been upset about my aunt( her sister in law) and I know it must bring back some terrible memories of my father when he was dying of cancer. Perhaps all the stress has been overwhelming her?ย  I am so glad that investigations revealed nothing serious.It seems all I write about lately is bad news!

On the positive side,I have received some lovely correspondence from new readers to this site. Thank you.Work wise, everything is good and I am keeping busy.

Have a wonderful week end :),


4 thoughts on “Life is a mixed bag right now!

  1. Hi, Maureen,
    My parents also have been very secretive about those “little” trips to the hospital. On the one hand it might be that they don’t want us to worry. On the other hand, maybe they’re worried enough and don’t want the family to add even more worry.
    Sounds like things are better with your Mum and that is good. Hope Prue’s test results bring encouraging news. You both could probably use some.
    Take care,

  2. Hi Dan,
    I hope this email finds you well.
    Thanks you so much for your words of encouragement. It is always good to hear from you.
    Best wishes
    Maureen ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Maureen,

    Sorry I haven’t been on in a few days. Thank goodness that it wasn’t your mom’s heart. I remember when Caitlin was in the hospital, both Paul and I were sent to the emergency room with chest pains. It was an infection brought on by stress. I’m sure that your aunt’s health has been on her mind.

    Please know that even when I do not post everyday, I always keep a good thought for you as I know that your life is as full and stressful as mine.

    Big hugs,


  4. Hi Lita,
    I know you have had plenty going on there but I am certain Brett appreciates all your assistance.Wish him all the best with the presentation from me, would you please?
    I think you are right about Mum. Worrying about my aunt and also thinking about her own mortality know doubt.
    Thank you for your kind thought. I also think of you and your family.
    Hugs to you and keep well.
    Maureen ๐Ÿ™‚

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