I miss those large family get togethers.

It has been so cold here this week end. I have spent most of my time at home catching up on some work around the house, made a few calls,emailed friends and enjoyed some time reading. Last night, I called Mum to see how she is going .Much to my surprise, she and Bill came down from Paynesville for the funeral on Wednesday. I thought she looked tired and really should have stayed at home but she wanted to be there. She said last night that on reflection, the trip was probably too much as she has been unwell since they returned on Wednesday evening.She and Bill are quite secretive about her condition, which is ok. I fully understand what it is like having relatives and friends  questioning you about your condition all the time!

She said they both enjoyed catching up with all the relatives and friends. We both had a good laugh as I told her about a distant cousin who tried coming on to me at the funeral!Another of my cousins is organising a family get together for November which we are looking forward to very much, especially Prue as she had such a great time the other day. I am pleased for her because she has not had much to do with her extended family.When I grew up, all the relatives lived close by and we saw each other all the time. I miss those times, so my cousin’s initiative to bring the cousins, their children and grandchildren together is a wonderful thing.

This afternoon, I hope to go out for a while and later I will catch up with Prue and see how her visit with my brother’s  wife and family went. They are in town for the week end and they are going to call at Prue’s place for lunch.


2 thoughts on “I miss those large family get togethers.

  1. Maureen,

    No matter what’s going on with your Mum, I know that you cannot help but worry. When she wants everyone to know, she’ll tell you, but the not knowing is hard.

    I think that it’s hilarious that your cousin came on to you at the funeral. Too funny.


  2. Hi Lita,
    You know how mothers can be! Bill takes good care of her and f anything is overprotective, which is kind of cute.
    Yes, that cousin, he was on my hammer all the time. Each time I turned around he was there, like a shadow. Prue thought it was very amusing.:)
    Take care

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