There has been a great deal of hysteria about the Swine Flu here.

It is still bitterly cold here and quite miserable. If the rain holds off today, I hope to get outside and prune a few shrubs and roses and weed the driveway garden bed as once again, the weeds are taking over.Everything at the front of the house looks so dismal while dormant, unlike the evergreen tropical plants in the back yard, which are low maintenance and always look good.Doing some outdoor work will keep me warm if nothing else!

Yesterday afternoon, I drove Prue to an appointment at her Drs and as we entered the practice, there was a large sign on the front door, advising anyone with flu like symptoms to don a face mask. Curiosity got the better of me and I glanced around, expecting to find a dispenser with face masks  but no, it seems that to obtain the face mask, patients must walk though the crowded waiting room, line up and wait to be attended to by a receptionist, then request a face mask. I couldn’t make any sense of that at all because each of the patients waited for assistance at the reception desk for on average pf about 5 minutes, coughing spluttering before they were handed a face mask.By that time , most of the patients in the waiting room would probably have been exposed to any virus( flu or the prevalent Swine Flu).There has been a great deal of hysteria about the Swine Flu here, especially since most of the reported cases in Australia are from Victoria.Of course it can be dangerous for those who are aged,young or those with auto immune problems  but from all reports, no more dangerous that the normal seasonal flu.Like all colds and flu, stringent hygiene pratices should be followed and avoidance of crowded public places where possible.

This is ideal weather for soup and I am going to make some soup later today. The joy of fresh home made soup is second to none and a handy staple for the freezer , for these chilly days. D is not into vegetables of any kind and prefers commercial packet or canned soups, which are like water and taste of nothing , except salt. Go figure!

Have a good week end 🙂


4 thoughts on “There has been a great deal of hysteria about the Swine Flu here.

  1. Now that’s logic for you: Please take a mask . . . but before we can give you one, you must expose yourself to everyone about you.

    We had one confirmed case here in my areajust a week ago, but no one really seems to be thinking much about it any more. Probably because it’s hot here, so people don’t really think about getting the flu in hot weather. Logic.

    I hope that Prue is doing well.


  2. This is so hilarious! How dumb can doctors be?

    In India too, the number of cases is increasing. No one seems to be bothering too much though.

    Thumbs up for Australia for at least trying to take some basic precautions…

  3. Hi Lita,
    Isn’t it a scream! I could not help busrting into fits of laughter when I saw what was happening. The people waiting to see their doctors must have thought I was there waiting to be sectioned!!!!!! I am glad the flu is less prevelant in your area and you are right, the warmer weather is an asset.
    Prue is getting some results now so thats good. Thanks
    Maureen 🙂

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