I think it will be exactly what I need- to have some fun. :)

The first night of lectures went exceptionally well last night. I have spent some time this morning typing up a few notes and looking up some reference material. When the lecture concluded last night it was so cold that I was glad of the European heater in my car. You have to hand it to the Swedes, they make a fabulous heater LOL I arrived home quite late and made myself something to eat, then called Prue to see how she was feeling. She seems to be coping with the restrictions to her diet well and is looking forward to having further scans to determine if they will remove her Gall Bladder. It is giving her so much grief right now that she is resigned to surgery if that’s what is recommended.

I received a call yesterday from a friend who invited me to go to the Salvador Dali exhibition being held at the NGV. I was delighted to accept the invitation and we will be going the first week of July. We are going to make a full day of it and have dinner in town.The invitation has come at a good time as I have not been doing anything for myself lately and I think it will be exactly what I need- to have some fun. 🙂


4 thoughts on “I think it will be exactly what I need- to have some fun. :)

  1. Maureen,

    The Dali exhibition sound like just the ticket. Sounds as if you are enjoying class already. Good for you.

    I continue to keep Prue in my thoughts.


  2. Hi Lita,
    Class the other night was fab. I didn’t realise just how much I missed being in a learning environment. I am looking forward to Dali too 🙂

  3. I am very envious of a Dali exhibit! He is my favorite artist and have been to several shows in the last ten years. Would love to be going with you to see it, you must tell me all about it.
    Sorry about Prue, I hope she will feel better soon, and good luck with school.

  4. Hi Glen,
    Oh yes, I am looking forward to the exhibition and when i have been I will write about it here; you can be sure of that.
    Thanks for your well wishes to Prue. I know she will appreciate that.
    Regards and take care
    Maureen 🙂

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