Busy days and sleepless nights.

It’s been a busy day so far. After a sleepless night I got up early,made breakfast, then commenced working. Mid morning I went to have my hair trimmed as it has been annoying me, called to pick up a couple of items from the supermarket, then like most of the others in this country, purchased a ticket in tonight’s 90 million dollar lottery.

As I was having my hair cut, my hairdresser and I were discussing what we would do with the money if we were fortunate enough to win. She said she would build a new house, take her children on an extended holiday , complete with tutor and keep the rest, to do all she ever wanted to do. For many years I have known what I would do, commencing with setting Prue up in her own home, selling up here and moving to north Queensland, maybe a holiday to Europe with family and ensuring they have adequate educational funds for their children and the rest I would use to establish a mental health foundation, where those seeking treatment or consultations can attend , free of cost.I am passionate about this issue and deplore the fact that individuals here are denied access to proper mental health care, due to exorbitant fees. The public system is not at all geared to care for the mental health of individuals  in the way it caters for physical ailments. The bottom line is -if you don’t have the money to pay for private mental health care , too bad. In a wealthy country like Australia, this is a disgrace.Whoever wins, I hope they use the money wisely.

Class last night was great. I am enjoying it so much. I arrived home, made myself something to eat and while I was eating, my brother Daniel called. He has been calling almost nightly to check how I am going. As much as I reassure him that everything will be ok, he is concerned. My doctor wants to see me and will not discuss my condition over the phone, so I have made an appointment see him on Thursday because I have an important meeting in the city tomorrow.

It’s blowing a gale here and they are predicting the same windy conditions for the remainder of the week. Chevy(my charmingly neurotic cat) hates the wind and has gone to hide under D’s bed! LOL

Back to work for me or I will never get anything done 🙂


4 thoughts on “Busy days and sleepless nights.

  1. Hi Maureen
    I have been checking eveyday to see a post from you and am waiting to hear the results of your test, my moms doctor did the same thing to her over the PET scan she had, a week of waiting and results could not be discussed over the phone.
    When she got there she had to wait while he talked with a guy ib the hallway over bs for another ten minutes before he came in and told her everything was fine. So I hope to see the same news from you in a few days time, I am praying for you and even my mom is concerned for you as well because you are my friend. God be with you.
    Stay dry and good luck in the lottery!

  2. Maureen,

    I, too, will be keeping you close in my thoughts until you have the results.

    I’m glad that you are enjoying class so much, and I think that it’s wonderful that Daniel is checking on you. It’s one more person in this big world who cares deeply about you, and you can never too many of those.


  3. Hi Lita, You are a wonderful friend. I hope you are well.
    The classes are terrific, they really are.
    Maureen 🙂

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