Melbourne -We have to reclaim our streets!

I know I have been rather inconsistent posting lately but there has been quite a lot going on.This week I have been busy most days, including going into town for a video conference call to Brisbane on Wednesday. It was sunny but oh so cold.Even though I dressed appropriately, I shivered all day. The worst part of the day was the trip home on the train. I seriously doubt whether another body could have squeezed into the overcrowded carriages. It reminded me of films where I have seen Japanese station attendants pushing everyone into the carriages.LOL

Last night I turned on the news and for the first time ever, I wanted to turn it off and forget about all the terrible things that occurred locally during the day. Melbourne is a wonderful city, normally safe and a great place to be but recently there has been a spate of unrelated, vicious, random attacks on innocent victims by groups(yes always groups, these heroes do not work alone)of thugs. Oh yes , there is public outrage  and rightly so but these attacks will continue as long as the judiciary hand out token sentences that are nothing more than a slap on the wrist. We, the community are sick and tired of it and are entitled to enjoy all the amenities that Melbourne has to offer, without fear.

The second news item I found to be distressing was that of a young dog, who had had it’s ears and tail sliced off by a pair of scissors and left, discarded like a piece of refuse in a western suburbs street. If someone can do this to a dog, what else are they capable of doing. It was sickening. My apologies to those of you who find this disturbing.

I am pleased it’s the week end 🙂


4 thoughts on “Melbourne -We have to reclaim our streets!

  1. oh yes i heard about that puppy on the news ..shocking indeed ………as for the streets ..we live in bad times in most city in asutralia now …can it get better i wonder or is this the future for us ………how do we make it safer ?????

  2. Hi Ella and welcome!
    Thanks for your comments and please return again. I certainly hope that this is not our future or the future of our children and grandchildren 😦
    Best wishes

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