An interlude from work.

Last night it was good to attend lectures  and take my mind of some of the issues that have been weighing so heavily on my mind lately.For the first time since the course began, it was not raining, so I did not arrive looking like a drowned rat, after the long walk from the car park. LOL The course content is interesting and catching up with other students each week is terrific.

Other than study and work related matters. not a great deal has been going on. Prue has put all her medical issues on hold for the time being , due to what’s going on with me. I wish she hadn’t but she has and wants to be there to support me, which is typical of Prue. I am just so fortunate that she is my daughter!She has had her share of drama lately, with their garage roof collapsing , due to the rain and heavy winds.No one was injured thank goodness but they cannot access their garage to check out if any of their stored furniture and personal items have been damaged until the insurer gives them the all clear. It certainly made one heck of a mess down there.

I have plenty to do today and sitting here is not getting it done 🙂


2 thoughts on “An interlude from work.

  1. I wish there was something I could do to help, you guys are getting beaten against the ropes with all this bad luck lately. I can only pray and try to send good energy-I don’t know what else to do. But then again since you read all my posts, I covered how I feel about things in “Powerless” so you already know. All I can say is God be with you and yours.

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