Apointments , Work and a Government Inquiry.

I just got back in from an early morning appointment. When I left it was raining and cold and the traffic was unbelievable.The rain has stopped ( for how long is anyone’s guess, as it is very dark and gloomy outside) but it is still cold. I dressed for the cold conditions today and rugged up, complete with scarf, beret and overcoat and was still cold. If I could have stayed in my car I would have, enjoying the warmth of the fabulous Volvo heating LOL

For the rest of the day I will be catching up on the recent changes in Legislation and protocols at DEEWR ( Dept. Education,Employment and Workplace Relations) and updating my files, then spending some time going over the notes from Monday night’s lecture.

I am pleased to hear that the State Government is going to hold an inquiry into the child protection system, which is long overdue.They can hold as any inquiries and task forces as they like  but they will all be in vain unless they are acted upon immediately!

Have a good day 🙂


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