Vanity about age has never been my thing.

It’s started! Family and friends are talking about my birthday this week. It is a subject I try and avoid at all costs as the day itself only reminds of past events and people, who are no longer part of my life.I don’t have an issue about age and advancing years; vanity has never been my thing and can’t understand those who try and hide their true age. Every line on my face can tell a story and I am not ashamed of the joy and sadness I see when I look in a mirror.My main issue is a don’t like the fuss involved and would rather just let the day pass but I am gracious, smile, genuinely thank those who take the time to acknowledge my birthday and am thankful that there are individuals who care enough to make  the day something special. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Vanity about age has never been my thing.

  1. Bon anniversaire!! Happy Birthday!! Feliz navidad!! No wait. That last one is wrong.

    I hope that you have a wonderful birthday. Enjoy your day. Celebrate in a way befitting someone of your exquisite age and stature. Have cake for me.

    Remember, real lines are much better than being injected in the cheeks with cooking oil (like some woman in Mexico who thought she was getting botox–can you imagine?).

    You are on your wonderful journey of life, in which age is completely irrelevant.

    Big hugs,

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