Your encouragement and kindness has been incredible.

After what has seemed like an eternity of waiting, I received news late yesterday, that I am free of any cancer. Yeah!!! It has been such an emotional journey for all of us but especially Prue, who has been worried sick( just what she doesn’t need as she is not well herself).For me, it is the best early birthday gift I have ever had. The prospect of launching another all out attack on cancer was overwhelming and not something I wanted to put my family through again.

I am deeply grateful to everyone who has been there with words of support and prayers, on a regular basis. Your encouragement and kindness has been incredible and I will always remember it. Prue has been my rock and made this whole time bearable, with her love, quick wit, snark and laughter!

Thank you my wonderful friends 🙂


6 thoughts on “Your encouragement and kindness has been incredible.

  1. FANTASTIC! One prayer was answered for me this year! I am so glad for you and Prue and all of your family and friends. I have been looking every day for news sometimes twice a day.
    Big hug!
    Now we can definately look forward to that Vietnamese meal! I just gotta get that lottery prayer answered!

  2. Maureen:

    I knew that everything would be okay, but I have been patiently waiting to hear the news that you will be all right! You have too much work left to do on this earth. So many people need you and look forward to your slice-of-life posts.

    You must take better care of yourself. Promise!

    Best, Best, Best,

  3. Hi Lee,
    It is so good to hear from you as you are never far from my thoughts. Thanks for you lovely words of support. I hope everything is well with you and the family.
    Big hugs and take care my dear friend.
    Maureen 🙂

  4. The one thing that has bothered me the most about not having Internet access or even computer access has been not knowing the results of your tests.

    I am so glad that it’s not cancer. I was truly worried about the possibility of a recurrence. Although my words come late, please know that they are filled with great relief and love.



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