Breaking into spontaneous dance.

Yesterday, after reading Glen’s current post about food that reminds him of places and things, I thought about how music evokes memories for me. Music has always been a significant factor in my life and my taste in music is eclectic. I adore the hot Latin rhythms of salsa as much as the classical works of Beethoven. I have spent many long nights studying with Neil Young playing in the background and have been known to break into spontaneous dance when I hear The Rolling Stones and Mr Mick Jagger belt out Satisfaction( something that I do try to keep under control ha ha).

Over the years I have found solace in the sensual lyrics and sounds of Leonard Cohen(who just keeps on getting better) and harked back to my wild youthful days listening to anything from The Band, Bob Seger, Joe Cocker, The Beatles to Lynyrd Skynrd.Yes, even though I indulged from time to time in mind altering substances, I do remember!


2 thoughts on “Breaking into spontaneous dance.

  1. Yes we are kindred spirits, music is a driving force for me as well, I’ve painted many pictures to various cd’s. If you go to myspace you’ll see on my profile the one called “Appetite for Destruction” was painted to Joni Mitchel’s “Hejira” which I had for a while but played it obsessively till it was done. But another time years ago I was on the West side of Manhatten in the twenties, down by the water on a street called gallery row by the locals. I was going to see the Chelsea Art Museum but entered through the bookstore attached to the museum. When I did I could hear the last few bars of The Rolling Stones “10,000 Light Years from Home” playing and as I walked down the main isle. I walked past the tables where cute art students and cool hipster dudes sat and studied or talked in low tones and everything started moving in slow motion as I listened to “Child of the Moon begin as if I had never heard it before. The song seemed to me totally fresh and transformed into a pure expression of emotion. I felt for a few moments like I was in a movie…like I belonged there at that moment, like I was one of them.
    Now whenever I hear either song I am instantly transported to where I was and what I was doing at those times. Thank god for music.

  2. Hi Glen,
    Thanks as always for your interesting comments. I just knew somehow, that you would also be affected by music 🙂

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