Life is for living…

There was a time that I used to dream about the day when I would finally be happy. When I get that promotion, new job, raise,car,holiday, renovated house , etc. , then I came to the realisation that I was wasting my life waiting for happiness and failing to appreciate the here and now. I was wishing my life away and although I still have goals and aspirations, if they come to fruition, then they will be a bonus. Life is too short to waste and a good friend said something poignant just recently.” I truely believe that the only thing you can take with you from this life are your memories. So go out make some that will last an eternity!” Thanks Richard. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Life is for living…

  1. I would add that my observation is that in growing older( not that you are even nearly there yet) thinking takes precedence over doing. After all, as one finds more time on one’s hands and less strength in one’s limbs this follows. The upside of this comes from the fact that thinking costs a heck of a lot less and takes a lot less planning, and so is much more achievable than doing! Goals in thought can be as adventurous as you please and are much more easily redlised without risk of injury, ignominy, bankruptcy or venereal diseases.
    Cogito ergo cum , oops, sum

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