Looking forward to the week end.

The day so far has been quite busy. I have been replying to the many emails I have received over the last couple of days and caught up on some research for Monday night. I am always happy to receive emails, so please drop me a line. Karen, I would really like to email you but I do not have your email address. If you would kindly send it to me I would be grateful.

I am so looking forward to the week end as the weather is supposed to be warmer and we are going out for a late afternoon lunch on Sunday.A few warm rays of sunshine and I want to get out and about!

I caught up with mum on the phone last night and all seems to be well there, which is good. I was even invited down to stay for a few days when D goes to China( later in the year or early 2010). Mum appeared lost for words when I told her I was not going but I am sure she will get used to the idea LOL

Plenty of work to do here, so I best get back to it. Have a good week end 🙂


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