Like a cat on a hot tin roof!

It has been a strange type of day. After a restless night, I was up early, prepared some breakfast and settled in to read the papers but they were late being delivered, so I had breakfast sans papers! Eventually the papers arrived but I only flicked through them briefly and got on with the household tasks, reserving the papers for later tonight when I can have ample,uninterrupted time to enjoy reading them.

The housework done, I was at a lost end so I cleared some files on the PC, threw out some out of date documents and deleted quite a few obsolete names from my email address book. If you think I sounded bored , I was. I have been like a  cat on a hot tin roof today, restless and full of energy LOL

Later I am preparing a beautiful fish for dinner. Cooking gives me so much joy. Not just standing over a stove but selecting the food, preparing it,  then of course sitting down to enjoy it LOL

We are going out for a late afternoon lunch tomorrow, which should be great fun 🙂



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