Respect and truth. Is that too much to expect?

Since yesterday’s post I have received many emails and messages from friends and casual readers of this site. Thank you. It seems that we have all experienced times when we have been caught up in someone else’s unhealthy behavior patterns and inadvertently allowed them to become dependent on us.

Let me say this, first a foremost, I consider myself to be a fortunate individual and have a loving family and supportive friends, for whom I would do anything, anytime , anywhere. Sadly, though, there have been people I have befriended, who over a long period of time , have exhausted my patience. I am a tolerant person , who considers everything that may be going on in a person’s life and will provide my assistance and support when required, with no expectations of anything in return, except respect and trust but when these two components are not forthcoming or are abused, I take exception to it and cannot provide that support any longer.I abhor lies, omissions and half truths and it marks the end of any friendship with that person. My time, love , support and friendship is free and abundant to those who have proved they deserve it but quickly withdrawn when I am deceived or not respected.

To my wonderful family and friends, you know who you are…… Thank You  🙂


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