We are one of the most regulated places in the world.

Early this  morning, I went outside to collect the paper and there on the front porch,a beautiful tulip had appeared. I had forgotten all about it and the barren pot has sat unattended since last year, looking rather sad and unloved.It was a lovely surprise  and a sign that spring is almost here and the cold winter days are numbered.

Although there has been substantial rain over the past few months, falls over the catchment areas have been minimal and the dams are seriously low.The countryside is also dry and a fire hazard for the coming season. Both issues of concern but the majority of the community choose to ignore the severity of the problems and use water irresponsibly and not challenge their local councils about fire preparedness (burning off, tree clearing and removal of forest floor debris). Yes, even after the tragedies of last year, some councils with a green agenda are refusing residents permits to clear their own land. If it were me I would not be seeking any permission whatsoever, to prepare my own land to ensure it was not a fire hazard and I would wear the consequences ! Australia and Victoria in particular, would have to be the most regulated places in the world but I still think it is the best country.

The front garden needs attention and the lawn needs mowing. Yes, spring is almost here


2 thoughts on “We are one of the most regulated places in the world.

  1. I cannot believe that it is almost spring there, but then, I also didn’t realize that it was almost the end of August.

    The past few months have gone much too quickly, and I feel that I have gotten nothing done.

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