A wild night in the S/E suburbs.

What a wild  few hours it has been here in S/E Melbourne. The winds have been gale-forced and streets are littered with debris.Fortunately, it has subsided and we are now expecting thunderstorms later this afternoon!The power went out here a couple of times during the night but only momentarily, unlike some of the neighbouring suburbs, who are still without power. My cat , Chevy dislikes the wind and has been keeping a low profile (mainly close to me or hidden under the bed).The wind reduces him to wimp status not his usual fiercely overprotective and warrior self, standing guard over the block and on guard for anyone or anything that threatens his territory. lol

I am so pleased that Poietes has returned too. You have been missed by many Lita.

Have a good week end 🙂


2 thoughts on “A wild night in the S/E suburbs.

  1. You are such a sweetheart. Truly.

    At this moment, hurricane Bill is coming up the coast (not too closely, thank you), and the beaches have been closed because of riptides. The storms are starting to roll in, and it promises to be a rather bleak weekend.

    Hope Chevy finds a good place to hide and stays put for the duration.



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