Friends- new and old.

Yesterday was a lost day, as I woke up with a blinding migraine and spent the day resting in a darkened room. Later when D arrived home from work, he drove me to the Dr’s, then I came home and slept.Fortunately the headache has gone but I am still feeling very woozy from the analgesics. It’s raining and cold again today so I will be taking it easy indoors and staying warm.

Really, today will be an ideal opportunity to catch up on the emails I have neglected this week. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed sending and receiving letters and with the advent of the PC, emails. Technology is wonderful. There is no way I would have made so many wonderful friendships, both here in Australia and all over the world without internet access.I am even hoping to catch up with an old beau, whom I have not seen for over 20 years. He was my first boyfriend and we were together on and off for almost 4 years. They were some of the happiest and most  tempestuous times of my life, so it will be good to reminisce about those times, which were on reflection,  an integral part of my life. Beach holidays, a great holiday up on the Gold Coast, camping , bush walking, fishing trips, dancing, large family get togethers ( his and mine). We packed a lot into our time together and I always remember him fondly, so catching up is something I look forward to, very much.We both enjoyed the Beatles and John Lennon( my friend even looked and dressed like John Lennon), in particular hence the Youtube video.

Have a great week end 🙂


One thought on “Friends- new and old.

  1. Wow, an old beau? I don’t know that I would actually want to do that as most of mine were crazy. Ha.

    E-mail and the Internet are the most wonderful inventions ever. Who would have ever thought just ten years ago that the world would shrink in such a wonderful way?


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