Some quality time together.

Yesterday was great. I got to spend a considerable amount of time with Prue which is always fabulous. In recent weeks, it has been difficult for us to have many personal conversations for one reason or another. Sharing a house , as she does can make personal conversations rather one sided on the phone and almost impossible in person. Prue had asked me to accompany her when she went to have more scans done yesterday. When she appeared from the procedure room of the radiology clinic, she seemed happy that the scan was less intrusive and uncomfortable, that previous scans had been. She was also relieved  to know that the scans showed the presence of gall stones and were the reason she has been in so much pain. Up until now, the Drs. assumed that it was only the gall bladder itself but stones certainly explain the acute attacks she has experienced.

After wards we went back home and I tried to persuade Prue to eat some toast and something  to drink, just so she had something to line her stomach, which she did. We spent the next couple of hours catching up  and discussing her plans for accommodation when the lease expires in October. I think she will return here for several weeks or longer and I am pleased about that because it means she will have a support system after any surgery. She is not adverse to a bit of molly coddling either, when she is unwell. LOL

Thanks to Richard T. for the reminder about the Linkedin function in town tonight. At this stage I am not certain I will make it but I do look forward to catching up with the group soon. 🙂


One thought on “Some quality time together.

  1. Maureen,
    I am so glod that they have finally figured out where all of Prue’s pain has been coming from. Once she has the operation, I know that she will feel much better, and staying with you while she recuperates should help as well.

    My best to Prue.


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