Dinner was an enormous fizzer.

We went out for dinner last night but I don’t know whether it was such a brilliant idea after all. Prue, who has had little or no appetite for weeks now , felt hungry, which was a good sign so we decided to go out as planned. Upon arriving at one of our usual haunts, D and Prue ordered and I thought I would order one of the specials of the day- minced crab soup with vermicelli.It sounded great and if it was anything like previous NON-MEAT soups I have enjoyed there before, it would be delicious. I spoke to the young guy who took our orders and he assured me that the soup was seafood 100%, no chicken stock and made entirely with crab.  After a few minutes, the food began arriving, the final meal to arrive was my enormous bowl of soup. In the few short minutes since I ordered, my appetite was in full swing and was eager to attack the over sized bowl of crab delight. As it was placed in front of me, I noticed a distinctively nasty odour. Hmm, don’t jump to conclusions I thought and picked up my spoon and took a mouthful. I have travelled extensively throughout Asia and I am not at all wimpish when it comes to experiencing new or unusual foods but the soup was not right. Then, as I delved deeper into noodle filled stock, pushing large pieces of crab aside I could something dark, lurking at the bottom of the bowl. At first I thought it was a piece of shitake mushroom( which are dark in colour) but when I brought it up to the surface of the bowl I could see that that was not the case. Prue, who was watching with interest  almost screamed as it surfaced and I was taken aback too because it was definitely not a mushroom.
I picked it up on the spoon and smelt it and just  the young guy who had taken our orders walked past. so D beckoned him to come over. I asked him what on earth this large, piece of dark purple, liver like substance was? Proudly he informed me it was congealed blood “it gives the soup such great flavour”. I reminded him that I had specifically asked about the soup and the ingredients there in and he assured me there was NO meat in the soup. ” Blood is not meat, it’s blood” was his retort. By this time was stomach was doing cartwheels and the smell of the soup was even making Prue feel ill!
I asked him to remove the bowl from the table and I had some  lemon grass /chilli prawns and steamed rice but even they could not erase the taste in my mouth of the dreadful soup
What I thought was the good part of the evening was Prue actually eating some food. She said she enjoyed it and was beside herself because it did not make her nauseous. Maybe not but during the night she called to tell me she was in dreadful pain and her gall bladder was acting up big time. I spoke to her on the phone a few mins ago and she is still unwell but said she will try and sleep, which will hopefully help with the pain.
Not the most successful dinner 😦


5 thoughts on “Dinner was an enormous fizzer.

  1. “Blood is not meat, it’s blood.” I can’t wait to use that quote at my next dinner party. Yummy congealed blood soup anyone? A person who can keep their prawns down after that is a brave one. I guess that’s why you can jump out of planes.

  2. Maureen,
    Okay, this one made my belly flip as well. That is just, well, gross: congealed blood?!?!?!

    It’s a wonder any of you were able to finish eating your meals.

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