Enough already- less talk, more action!

It’s day five of the bathroom renovation and it all seems to be going well. A bit slower than anticipated but it’s being done, something I have patiently waited for, for nearly 30 years!
Yesterday, work was intermittent as D had friends calling to check out the progress, offer suggestions and talk. One thing I have noticed throughout this week is there has been so much talking( and measuring, then re- measuring), discussing options, chin rubbing , more discussion and even more measuring. Enough already, I keep thinking , just get on with the job!!!I have restrained myself and not said a word.Getting in to the work enthusiastically and putting in the same effort as D.
I think it is hilarious , listening to D and his friends as the conversation goes round in circles for hours and D will do as he intended to do originally anyway. Meanwhile , work stops and I am without a bathroom LOL

I was delighted to hear from an old friend (as mentioned in a recent post) and look forward to meeting up with him soon for a coffee and a long chat. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Enough already- less talk, more action!

  1. Hi and welcome Jessica,
    I used to get stressed about it but have learned to let go, not sweat the less important things in life BUT now that it is happening I am elated!!!!!!!
    Please visit again.
    Best wishes
    Maureen 🙂

  2. It took me a week to redo our Bathroom with a lot of help from my son-in-law. Total redo, stripped her down to the studs and put in new sheet rock flooring and all new fixtures and trim. Don’t ever want to do it again!!!

    Drink a cup for me while you there.

  3. Maureen,
    I’m hoping that once Corey and I finally start the bathroom, there won’t be consults with other people. Just never works.

    We need to go all the way back to the studs, as well. May be 30 years or so . . .

  4. Hi Richard,
    I am beginning to agree with you! D has started to drag the chain and I miss not having a bathroom. I can live with the rooms of buliding materials and fixtures but I just want the job finished. Are you and your son-in-law for hire? Hahaha
    Best wishes

  5. Hi Lita. My advice to you is to lock the front door and refuse entry to any well intentioned authorities on bathroom design and renovation. Ha ha ha

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