Living in organised chaos.

Well it’s week 2 of the renovation and D went back to work today. He was slightly dejected that the job is not finished but that’s the way it goes and there is no point stressing about it. Yes, I could whine and moan about it but what’s the point? We both worked hard  last week and we will work on the project each night after work. D is a perfectionist and is not taking any short cuts, so I know once finished, it will be something we can be proud of.

I neglected to mention in the last post, that in addition to the neighbour incident, my pleasantly neurotic cat Chevy, was in inadvertently  trapped under the house too. He freaked out at the noise of the power tools and unbeknown to us, went under the house through the hole in the bathroom floor. Yes, you guessed it. D replaced the flooring and that was that. When it became dark, we assumed that Chev was somewhere outside  and would eventually come in, once he realised the power tools had been put away for the day but no, he did not respond to calls, rattling of dry cat biscuits or any of the regular was we have to lure him inside.

Later in the evening, I thought I could hear the bell on his collar and called him. I  then heard this faint cry, not his usual meow but more of a pained cry. Fearing he was outside injured we went and searched  for him but nothing. We returned indoors and D heard a scratching noise. We looked at each other and once again I called him. His cries were emanating  from the bathroom.” Oh no”, we  said in unison, “he couldn’t be under the house?” Yes, as D removed the floor board a traumatised  Chev appeared covered in black cobwebs and dust. Poor little bloke must have been in there for at least 4 hours. No wonder he was freaking out.

I have a busy day ahead, then later lectures. 🙂




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