I can see a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel!

It is a beautiful, sunny and fresh morning here in Melbourne. Spring is a terrific season. It seems to be a motivator to get out and do the garden and go mad spring cleaning( although in my case, I am not even going to attempt it until the bathroom is finished.Dust! I have been completely out of character and just closed my eyes to it. That and the spare room and hallway that are packed with the vanity unit, glass for the shower screen, taps and fittings, plastic plumbing pipes, boxes of tiles, etc.).

D did some more work on the project when he arrived home from work last night and it is really beginning to take shape. Yesterday I had a busy day which included going out with Prue  in the afternoon, as she had appointments, then going to the tile supplier to select the border, I want for the bathroom. Several months ago, I saw exactly what I wanted, small neutral coloured pebbles but as we were not ready to start the job then, I did not buy them. Now, they are unavailable, so with Prue’s assistance we selected a neutral coloured, small glass tile, which should complement the white wall and floor tiles, and create the effect I want to achieve. Today I am going to purchase the towel rails and the corner fixture for in the shower recess. More decisions! We are pleasantly surprised at how we have managed to keep the costs of this project so low. Of course, buying the vanity, shower and fittings (all top quality and high end) at the one supplier/ importer and negotiating a good price helped, as has doing all the work ourselves.There has not been one cross word from D, who is known to have a short fuse if he thinks he(or anyone else) has not done something  to his exacting standard and he has refrained from barking orders too! It has been a nice experience, except for the neighbour incident and his constant interruptions!


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