Today, I am feeling the after effects( a sore head and large bump)after knocking myself out yesterday! Prue and I were out and as we headed back to the car, I failed to see a large steel structure and the next thing I knew was that I was flat on my back, with Prue standing over me, eager to know that I was ok.My head hurt so much I expected there would have been a cut but fortunately the blow to the head did not break the skin. I was unconscious for about 20-30 seconds and when Prue helped me up off the ground, I really did feel disoriented , I presume mainly to shock. Fortunately, I fell onto tan bark and other than being covered in mud, I did not sustain any other injuries(does feeling like a goose and being very embarrassed count as an injury?)

Prue insisted we sit a while  which we did  and she was concerned  whether I was alright. I thought I was but I have to admit that I did a couple of weird things shortly after wards, like exit the car park  the wrong way! When it came time to drop Prue home , I asked D if he could drive because I was still disoriented.

Today, other than a sore head I am feeling well again.Last night I received a call from my brother Daniel who is planning to come and stay with us next week for a couple of days.He is great company and I know he will not hesitate to offer to give a hand with the bathroom renos…… but he needs direction as he is an expert at demolition and has a history of knocking walls out and pulling his own house to pieces on a whim LOL

Prue has finally got the referral to a surgeon, which she is delighted about, so I hope it will not be too long before she is gall bladder free.

Thank you to those readers from My Space and Linkedin for your emails and comments 🙂


6 thoughts on “TKO

  1. Well now that you have stepped forward and offered your brave account, I no longer am or feel alone as to having been the victum of a self induced sucker punch. Yours admittedly was due to preoccupation with something weighing on your mind and simply missing the structure. My incident was of a more embarrassing preoccupation. I was in Germany in the early 70’s and noticed a striking figure crossing the street in my direction wearing a fishnet style top and exposing her ample form for my perusal. That was when the lamp post came between me and the real world. My wound was deeper and required several stitches to close. Perhaps it would have been more superficial had I not have increased my pace to intercept the raven haired fixation.
    I am glad you are none the worse for wear and Prue has a date to correct her distress. I also wish to express my gratitude to you, possibly a bit premature and presumptuous, in forgiving me for not being totally receptive to your post these last few weeks. My quest has been all consuming and what time I did have to was devoured with Grandkids. I will be more attentive! Be well, duck and weave, write me about coffee breaks and until that time, keep smilling!

  2. Maureen,
    You know, you probably should have had yourself checked out, in spite of the embarrassment. Glad that you are okay, and very glad that Prue finally has her referral.

  3. Hi Richard,
    I am just in fits of laughter(yes at your expense) about your injury, not the injury but your preoccupation with the beauty across the street! Mine was nowhere near as funny. Your research and site is a labour of love and you should be extremely proud if it and never pass up an opportunity to spend time with the ones you love. I will keep you up to date with the coffee breaks 🙂

  4. Hi Lita,
    You are probably right. Today, other than a sore head I am ok. Yes, Prue is overjoyed but her Dr told her in order to speed up the process , she should present to A&E each time she has an acute attack and maybe they will admit her immediately,rather than be placed on a waiting list. Can you believe it, she has lost in excess of 43 kg since this began? She is looking forward to eating a real meal again.
    Big hugs and take care

  5. I too think you should be checked out, that’s how an actress (whose name I can’t remember) died after hitting her head while skiing recently. She said she was alright and the ski lodge didn’t insist she go to hospital (which they should have) and she died a few days later. It could have been prevented, I am not trying to be a ghoul by telling you all that but an x-ray and the once over is not a bad idea.

  6. Hi Glen,
    Thanks for your kind words of concern. I know I should have taken the incident more seriously. Fortunately, I suffered no ill effects but if i ever do it again, I will go immediately to have it checked out.
    Maureen 🙂

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