A night in A&E.

Just a short post for now because I have Prue here with me. She was rushed into A&E at about 18:30 last night with an acute gall bladder attack, vomiting blood and severely dehydrated due to her on going nausea. After a few litres of IV fluids,morphine and anti-emetics the Drs decided at 01:  keep her in over night ( so I came home to get a couple of hours sleep). Bloods were taken and although she was having an acute attack, it is not deemed life threatening, so she was discharged at 08:45, advised to rest, take analgesics and try to drink some fluid. I picked her up and brought  her back here and she is now sound asleep on the couch. She has been so ill. Her GP has advised her to present each time she has an attack to the A&E in the hope that she will be moved up the waiting list!


4 thoughts on “A night in A&E.

  1. My word, I am sorry to hear about this and I hope she will be alright. The hits keep coming it seems at least this year for you and Prue but I’m sure everything will be alright. Keep your chin up and take care of yourself too. You’ve got alot on your plate right now.
    Best Outcome

  2. Maureen,

    I am beside myself over this situation. Prue has been suffering entirely too long. She need the operation. Why can’t they give her what she needs?

    I know that this is taking so much out of you emotionally, and so much out of Prue physically and emotionally.

    I think of both of you each day, and earnestly hope that someone with the power to do something will get off his or her arse and do it.

    Big hugs,

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