Looking forward to catching up…eventually!

It was a busy week end here.We made good headway on the bathroom project but it is still about a week off completion. It is coming together albeit slowly. I feel quite exhausted today after the week end and last week, which was emotionally taxing on everyone but nothing compared to the physical stress it is causing Prue. I applied for a new position last week and late Friday I received an email telling me that I had made it to the second stage of the process and asked me to complete a lengthy motivational assessment on line, within 24 hours. I completed the 90 minute assessment early Saturday morning, so now I will have to wait and see whether I am successful and make it to the next stage of the process.

I regret that with each day busy until Thursday, I am unable to meet the friend (I have mentioned recently) for coffee and a catch up until then . I am disappointed and feel rather embarrassed that I seem to be postponing it all the time but I doubt whether another few days or weeks will make that much difference after more than 25 years!I must prioritise now and family and work must come first.


4 thoughts on “Looking forward to catching up…eventually!

  1. Maureen,
    Well I am glad to hear that there is light at the end of the bathroom redo tunnel. That’s one thing done (almost).

    Best of luck on the new position. What exactly would you be doing?

    Hope that Prue is hanging in there.


  2. I know how tiring and exhaustive doing home projects are. Adding to it an interview process and Prue’s unfortunate situation. It is like trying to juggle odd items while walking a tight rope on a windy day.

    Your time for self indulgence is at a stand still and appears none existent. It will be all the sweeter when it comes and deservedly so. There will be a time soon, for your rendevous with days of yore.

    It is my suggestion though to make time and this time keep it. Guilt free!!!
    May Peace Be On Ya Love!

  3. Hi Lita.
    The bathroom seems to be going on forever!
    Thanks for the best wishes. The job would be similar to what I am doing now but also including a substantial amount of client training.

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