A short post.

I have been a bit lax about posting lately I know, so while I have a few spare minutes I am seizing the opportunity to write a short post.

Work is still progressing on the bathroom and I am sure once it is FINISHED it will look fabulous but right now it seems to be another week away. D has been flat out at work and he is exhausted when he comes home which means he is doing about an hour on it every night.I am so glad that it is being done that although I am feeling well and truly over it, I have not mentioned a word about how long it is taking. I know D is frustrated too but he is a perfectionist  and that means taking extra care to ensure everything is exact and done well.

This morning I attended a job interview(not the company I mentioned in the last post) and it seemed to go ok. I am such a bad judge of these things. When I think the interview has gone exceptionally well, it hasn’t and when I come away thinking I have really blown it  I have been offered a position!  The company is a not for profit organisation, with a philosophy identical to mine and the prospect of working with them is quite thrilling. I will write more about it when I know the outcome of today’s interview.

Tomorrow, I am finally going to catch up with that friend I have mentioned previously. It is all very exciting. I just hope he recognises me LOL.

Prue is still unwell but fortunately she has not had another acute episode since her admission to hospital. It is only a matter of weeks now and she will be living back here and I am looking forward to it , very much. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A short post.

  1. Maureen,
    Continued wishes of good luck on the job search.

    I know that the time that it is taking to finish the bathroom must be driving you mad, but at least it is in the works, which is more than we can say on this side of the world . . .

    Still keeping Prue in my thoughts.

    Big hugs,

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