A new week.

The week end was most productive  and D seems to have taken on board my suggestion that we make next week end the deadline for completion. He is doing a fabulous job and it has taken longer that expected because he is a hard task master, particularly on himself.Everything is perfect but then again, I am the same way and believe that if you are going to do something , then you may as well do it to the best of your abilities! He will have to work alone tonight because I have lectures and has already planned out what will be done tonight. It is all starting to come together and we have been taking photos along the way, which I will post when it is completed.

I received a few lovely emails over the week end too. Thank you Richard, it is always great to hear from you and  also welcome to the new email subscribers who have begun receiving feeds from here.

I am still waiting for news about the job, not my forte! I would rather know immediately if I have the job or not LOL

Maureen 🙂


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