Making the most of the week end.

Yesterday was a busy day at the Jackson abode. D was up bright and early and cut  the tiles that required cutting , before laying them out and preparing for the adhesive. While he did that, I decided to tackle the lawns and garden, both of which had been annoying me for weeks.It was a sunny day, perfect for getting stuck into some hard physical labour and at the same time, getting a good dose of Vitamin D! I worked solidly from early in the morning until about 18:30 and the difference is amazing. My nails and hands are worse for wear but it was worth it.

Today, it is sunny again and I have a full day planned. Domestic tasks, grocery shopping( which I loathe), then helping D with the tiling. I have to say, he has got very protective of ‘his’ project. Most of my offers to assist are being declined  because he really wants to do this himself. That’s ok, I can understand he wants to take ownership of the project so my job will consist mainly of being the gofer. LOL

The machine has completed its cycle so I will go and hang the clothes on the line. 🙂


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