Dreams and old friends.

Lately, when I have slept, I have been having the most vivid dreams. Some place me in my childhood while others are more contemporary and while none of the dreams are disturbing, I have been trying to analyze what has been the catalyst  for said dreams. So far , the only dream of any recent relevance concerns the friend I caught up with a couple of weeks ago. I suppose seeing him again, brought back memories of that period in my life, not specifically about him but also about some other issues that were going on at that time. More than likely, issues I have not dealt with  and had just buried them in some deep recess of my brain. Yes, there were many issues going on back then, so much so that until I met with my friend that day, forgotten memories re-appeared that I had completely blocked. Something I have found perplexing is that since meeting my friend for coffee that day, he has not been in touch. Not even to respond to my brief note telling him how much I enjoyed catching up with him over coffee. Have I really changed that much? Was I dull and boring? Or is he just ill mannered by failing to reply?For what it’s worth, I am glad to have had that opportunity to catch up, even if I was cautious about divulging too much of what has gone on since we last saw each other  nearly 30 years ago! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Dreams and old friends.

  1. Perhaps he had come to put flesh on his thirty year old dreams but found a different person. Still discourteous not to reply to you.

  2. Maureen,
    That meeting triggered a wealth of memories and emotions, not all good. Your brain is sifting through all of that in you dreams, which is good. It is far easier to sift through such things in our subconcious than to dwell on them in the cold light of day.

    As for your friend’s bad manners, perhaps he never had anyone to force him to write courteous notes? Who you are now and who you were 30 years ago are so very different, but not really. You look in the mirror and still see yourself, still feel like yourself. I know too well this feeling. What the outside world sees and interprets sometimes throws me for a loop because the two are never the same.

    But when I see you (in my mind’s eye), your beauty is written all over your face.


  3. Hi Kelvin,
    What a wonderful surprise to read your comment. I have no idea what he thought. I know I was just looking forward to catching up, remembering some of the great times we shared and talk about our lives, families and works since then.Maybe the shock of seeing me was too much for him and reminded him that he too, had aged. No matter, it was still good to see him and know that he has had a good life but he is quite ill mannered not replying.
    Maureen 🙂

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