We are on the countdown.

This week is the final week of the bathroom project…. it has to be because Prue is coming home at the end of the week. D has assured me it will be finished and all the tools, materials etc will be moved from Prue’s old room, which is serving as a junk room for anything to do with the renovation.I want to get in there and move a bookcase and a shelf of files so Prue has room for her own things, so the end of the week is going to be a bit manic here.

Prue has been packing up her house and fortunately, her landlady has allowed her to use the garage to store her larger items until Saturday, when D will be able to shift them for her( that is if he is not working , which his boss has already mentioned could happen. Now that WILL create a problem but for now I am not even thinking about it).

I have been trying to study, in between helping out with the bathroom, normal daily tasks and thinking about the potential job. The course  has another 7 weeks to go and I have enjoyed every minute of it, so much so that I think I will continue studying again next year, perhaps an area where I have a special interest? I have been thinking a lot about the areas I feel the most passion and a decision is not going to be easy. That’s a while away yet and before that I need to complete the finals and an assessment!

I have just finished cleaning some of the tile adhesive off the polished floor boards. How it got there is beyond me  but fortunately I removed it without damaging the floor. The dust has gone( for now) and I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon preparing for the class tonight 🙂


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