Cleaning and some news on the job front.

After feeling lack-lustre yesterday, I have gone completely mad today cleaning out the spare room(as much as I can given that there are a couple more large boxes of walls tiles, I cannot lift), throwing out junk I have been hanging on to and making space for Prue.As we have not yet pulled up the carpet in that room, I wanted to give it a thorough vacuum but the head of the vac. has disappeared. I have turned the house inside out and it is nowhere to be found. D was the last person to use it when he cleaned out his car recently, so it would not surprise me if it is actually in his car, or somewhere in the garage… and venturing in there means being prepared for a long journey into no (wo) man’ s land, complete with torch, survival rations and a change of clothes LOL. As much as I wanted to get the room done, I can wait until he comes home and probably save myself several hours of searching!

I was looking at some of the things I have been hanging on to and really, what’s the point? Cushion covers that will never be in vogue again, ugly ornaments that have never made it out the boxes( gifts from well meaning relatives and friends)  and so many other things. I detest clutter and my hoarding consists mainly of texts and reference material but D, he really does have a problem. His stuff has made its way into every room in the house.Even when you think it isn’t, just look harder  and it will be found, hidden with something completely unrelated! I have decided we are going to hire a large skip, rather than make several trips to the tip to dispose of all the renovation junk and it would be madness not to take full advantage of it and have a good throw out . Any unwanted useful items can be given away  perhaps we will have a garage sale? Hmm, I don’t know what D will think of that but I would not touch anything belonging to him, maybe just drop a few subtle hints that he really could do with some space in the garage!

I spoke with the manager of the organisation I recently applied to for a position. The good news is that they want me to work with them. The bad news is that it could be a few weeks yet. Knowing that has put my mind at rest( quietened it a bit anyway lol). 🙂


6 thoughts on “Cleaning and some news on the job front.

  1. Maureen,
    You would never survive in my home: clutter central.

    Great news about the job. I hope that you have something concrete soon as I know that you have been worrying.

    Take care, and don’t clean too much.


  2. Maureen,
    Great news for you! The project is finally winding down and Prue will be with you too! It will be better to wait a few weeks before starting the new job no? By then I’m assuming Prue will be done with her surgery and will be somewhat recovered so you can start on good positive notes with a new bathroom and many troubles behind!
    Cheers to your victory!

  3. Hi Lita,
    Thanks for your support. it will be good when I finally start the new job. At the moment, cleaning is a never ending chore. I used to think this house got dusty before the renovation but now it never ends LOL
    Maureen 🙂

  4. Hi Glen,
    Thanks for your comments. it is always good to receive them. Yes, things are beginning to settle down a bit and once Prue has her surgery( Nov.13) things will be even better.
    Maureen 🙂

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