Getting ready for summer.

Yesterday I spent most of the day out in the back yard,mowing the lawn, weeding and putting away all the things that have been accumulating on the back patio since work on the bathroom began. It was fabulous that Prue  pitched in and gave me a hand or else I would have been working until dark.The back yard is beginning to look presentable again and ready for plenty of use over the coming summer months.

It was mum’s partner Bill’s birthday yesterday, so we called before dinner last night to wish him happy birthday. He said he had a good day and that he and Mum were going away for a few days , leaving this morning, to attend a relative’s 70th birthday and look up some of Bill’s relatives in the western area of the State. They are going to call here on their way home on Monday, which will be lovely. They are expecting to see a finished bathroom, so we will put the finishing touches to it over the week end, in readiness for their inspection. LOL

I am tired and emotionally worn out today for some reason.Tomorrow can only be a better day.


2 thoughts on “Getting ready for summer.

  1. Oh Maureen,
    You are probably physically and emotionally exhausted. So much has been going on in such a compressed amount of time. I know that you love looking after Prue, but you need to rest as well. You won’t be of any use to anyone, least of all yourself, if you don’t step back and listen to your body. Time for tea and toenail painting.

    Big hugs,

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