Enjoying the peace and quiet over coffee.

Today, I have intentions of having a quiet and lazy day because recently it has been full on and I need the rest. LOL

Yesterday, as I mentioned in my last entry, Mum and Bill called in and they stayed for dinner last night. It was good to see them and they said they had enjoyed their short trip away. Bill was keen to sample some of my vegetarian cooking and requested it when he spoke to Damien on the phone , prior to their arrival. I was pleased because there is nothing worse that not being prepared for unexpected dinner guests.They stayed until about 22:00, then shortly after their departure , Prue’s friend arrived and we all sat around chatting and sharing funny stories before shifting in to the living room to watch property development shows on cable TV.I have no idea what time Prue’s friend left or when D and Prue went to bed because I nodded off in my chair while watching TV!

It is a Public Holiday here in Melbourne today, due to the running of the Melbourne Cup(horse race). Go figure…. a day off because of a horse race but it is a much-loved tradition and it is also the last holiday before the Christmas holidays.

Everyone is still asleep here and I am contemplating trying to get another hour or two of sleep myself but I don’t like my chances. Once I am awake that’s it , so I will enjoy the peace and quiet,read the paper and enjoy some good coffee. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Enjoying the peace and quiet over coffee.

  1. I don’t think I left until almost 3! Home renovation shows are dangerous. Thanks for the food btw, it was delicious πŸ™‚

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