A sad blight on our community.

It seems that every time a news bulletin is aired, several minutes are spent reporting acts of unprovoked violence in the form of random assaults, home invasions, road rage incidents and violence that occurs as a result of intoxication. What is going on with society? Excessive drinking, senseless acts of gangs bashing innocent victims, sexual assaults etc, etc.

I have to wonder what has gone wrong and why are these incidents more prolific  than at any other time in recent history? Lack of family guidance and discipline? Parental apathy? Or a general change in community values? I find it sad and a blight on our community.


2 thoughts on “A sad blight on our community.

  1. Maureen,
    I know all too well how anxiety-producing it can be to watch the news. Not a day goes by without more senseless acts of violence, young people killing each other, shootings over insane incidents. With the holidays fast approaching, it seems that the news always seems to get bleaker.

    Man’s inhumanity to man can, at times, be so excrutiatingly real and close to home. It saddens me, and no, I don’t have any answers.

    Take care. Hugs,


  2. Hi Lita,
    AS always thanks so much for your sound comments. Even though I work closely with this sort of thing and have done for a long time, I am not immune from feeling incredibly sad about where our society is heading.
    Take care

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